dear lover of mine,
dig deep into the skin
of my back
so you can grasp my spine
with a clenched fist
only to throw it on the ground

just for you to rip my beating heart out
without looking
into my eyes

dear lover of mine,
spend all of your time
wasting mine
only to tell me
none of this was ever worth it
i was never worth it

dear lover of mine,
don’t use your soft and gentle lips to speak
such hard and harmful words
because with each syllable you annunciate
it’s as if poison is being spat from your mouth

and even though the poison is burning my
you look away
and speak louder

dear lover of mine,
I do not love you anymore
but instead I love more harmful things
such as the way
the bottom of a cheap vodka bottle looks
as my throat tries it’s best to finish its contents

or the way the cigarette smoke appears like
a ghost
as i watch it leave my lungs

dear lover of mine,
even though our love went sour
the memories remain sweet
and I don’t know
if that’s better
or worse


Glow x

Mike Kelley & Aura Rosenberg

"I don’t want just words. If that’s all you have for me, you’d better go."
F. Scott Fitzgerald (via cavum)

(Source: psych-facts)

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The wall of death.
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Auckland is perfect 😍
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Forever sleep deprived 💤
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' What happens in NZ stays in NZ.'
lol jokes. I’m sitting here over analysing everything, feeling horrible.

#fb can I be catwomen yet? 🐱
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